Process of Process


-The definition of boredom: to have problems over a problem. That is why you can't argue with reality, the problem will still be unsolved

-When you live there always will be uncertainty, be certain of your uncertainty

-Resistance creates life, if you were underwater you would resist breathing

-Let the ego die before you die

-Damage is loss of connection, death is thought interfering with contact

-Without the ego, you are already home

-Problems only exist to a center

-Observation has no height

-Let go of everything except emptiness

-In the absence we trust

-Religion is not truth, truth is religion

-Set your spirit free

-Donate the self you get Brahman donate Brahman you get para Brahman

-Don't superimpose reality or make it real

-It is not your heart that moves, its your body that moves

In What Does My Experience Appear? (link*)

-Motivation leads to death

-You are 1, death is 0, how could you know 0 with 1 

-Meaning is of God, give your decision-maker to God to find meaning

-Let the Christ in you interpret for you

-There is no Earth out of the concept of the world other than the world

-Reflection is of time, time does not exist so don't reflect

-The logic of cause and effect is also cause and effect. This is the definition of  what is still believed to be miracles, which we should expand by asking questions about our origins

-Darkness is the content of an image in you of you

-Evil is incoherent, it has no coherence of its own - Chris Langan

-Don't attempt reality

-Make the trance your home

-There is no objective

-Let nature find you

-Don't pretend to be what you are not. Don't refuse to be what you are -Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

-You are standing on firm ground because of the action you deliver, with what do I act?

-Point to where other people see your face

-The thing with fear is that it does not exist, that is what makes it so frightful

-Is there injury without pain?

-You are the space in which you can transform, you are the room in which you walk because the observer is the observed there is nothing outside of it, that's why you are it only if you want to claim it as yourself but It was nothing personal for it to choose a body that's why there is no such thing as an out-of-body experience within the reference frame that is the error

-Deathless transmigration is the trust that you are not the body

-Death is an unwanted out-of-body experience

-God does not claim itself to be a God only a creator, do you have a good relationship with your creator?

-You were born with intelligence

- IQ needs EQ

-Where does consciousness originate from?

-You are not the body, you are aware of the body

-Let the inner child step into the light

-Place yourself in the silence of the mind


-Because the speed of light is constant, we may ask what if we choose light as a reference frame? (link to page) When so, you will notice that light has a fluctuation called gluon fluctuations (link to page), They are minimal but create our cognition because photons interact with electrons in the principle of chromodynamics which then interact with our brain which is stored past memories

-The energy of a wave is defined by the space it operates in and the interaction for example we only know temperature exists by our senses but what if we had not that sense?

-Time cancels out concerning a geometrical phase which is hyperspace, the path makes no difference it is closed all the time so nobody leaves, In the end, it's about the connection where the beginning and end meet

-Rotation is variation -ET

-Cell division is momentum (if there is no division, how could there be momentum?) which shifts and is recreated by radiation. When interpolation of momentum starts, time of manifestation ends -ET

-Because cells divide it creates a spark gap, there is no substance in this gap but the connection is the value of action, there is no beginning and no end, because the link is the beginning and the end at the same time, if all the senses were cut off, the presence only remains so it must be the spark gap, distance is only possible when measured at the moment, the moment makes division possible, division makes the spark gap possible

-By giving up the unified field theory the Veda becomes visible -ET

-Everything resonates, it is because of resonance an electron changes orbit and emits light. There is no distance if there is no resonance because light resonance is energy, energy is mass, mass is separation, and separation is distance. Darkness is also light for example black-body radiation







How consciousness works

God creates an I that is conscious of its creation (the I am). Only the ID (the object of thought resistance) is by its definition arbitrary and believes (thoughts + emotions (where you can take 1 away)) in its archetype it is conscious, but it can never know it outside of itself, there has to be a 'world' in order to know it. In recognising this there is infinite potential. That's why you are never far away from your destination. The I that seems to be created made a seemingly  'I' world in order to overcome the separation of itself, but the separation was never real only to the I or ego. In this I am reality nobody leaves, then I am will be the same before and after only personalities come and go, the I consciousness (the last consciousness in row image 1)

People with autism tend to connect through the image or ego (see image 3) to other people because they feel they need to be a person. Communicating through the light of the present moment allows for pure communication and reduces social anxiety. If you experience anxiety it is because you are out of the moment, practice this. You can also let the moment guide you, you will never act unnatural because you are more yourself you are more present. Being present is about being social. Let all emotions, and thoughts that come out of the moment be there, as long as you stay in the moment. As long as there is ego perception there always will be miscommunication. The moment is the gate for the flow of tao which is shared singular life. If you still find it difficult to interact with people ask the Holy Spirit about self-trust, If that is sufficient project your heart on the image, people then already have your connection automatically with your surroundings. Normally this happens when you are in the moment. Try setting energetic boundaries and making your aura or energy field closer to yourself. To undo the ego put the Holy Spirit in charge and think with the Holy Spirit, not the ego. Do not divide the inner and outer sides because both are one, do not deny the truth, If people are negative about you, then that is the truth. Have faith in the truth, because if you deny truth you deny your existence. What is the worst thing that could happen? Find a place within yourself, that remains. Try calming them down instead of yourself. To sense the other person ask yourself the question, Who am I? and then search for the other person through yourself. Are you judging people should be different? Operate in the Holy Spirit to be free from ego attack, while giving love (giving and receiving and cause and effect are the same) you can also choose to connect the heart to the mind as described in programs and instructions (link to page) heart mind sync

The I or ego is a self-perpetuation evolved around knowing. If you touch something you make contact with yourself that is why you feel it in yourself. You think the flow, there is no physical link between thoughts of physical neurons and the mind. Only neurological pathways can be 'damaged' The damage is also contained in the mind, there cannot be damage only the thought of pain, This applies to thoughts only, it is possible to be more present mostly if the mind patterns are solved. Look at a white page with a black dot in the middle to stop the brain, This will first give you more noise since the Default Mode Network (DMN) stores feedback noise (retardation) which is an outdrive of nature because you can't really say I am this or this is it. This has to be learned by letting the moment guide you and undoing the ego perception which creates a feedback or echo. The DMN is formed around age 12, Animals never experience psychosis because they have no DMN and if they do it is mostly trained
When you first meditate it will gradually give you more presence. Presence is the true marker in the case of psychosis. How do you measure presence? Is presence not the outcome of a change in identification with the self? Is then a psychosis, not an identity crisis? The ego's thought system is the person. The ego is ultimately a belief of thought form because everything ends up at the stimulus level in the brain as thoughts so only thoughts do affect you. In the case of a psychosis, the ego belief or reference interferes with presence ask yourself do I have a belief? All beliefs are false because they do not reflect self-evident truth which does not need a belief

See image 2, a thought represented by 'e' or current from the primordial 'background' (the last consciousness in row image 1) which does not physically exist on itself (so it can be everywhere) creates a virtual light particle interaction 'y' (world) you can see this as light noise when you are in a dark room. It is self-referential (link to page) and self-organised.
Notice that light comes out of non-existence. Psychological noise which is created by ego projection and semantic or physical noise are the same, you can't change semantic noise if you do not change psychological noise first because you receive it

The atoms of the finite knowing thoughts of objects (people (link to page), body, cars, houses) are also thoughts flowing but on an elementary different frequency of thought. They are not flowing somewhere because of resonance with their frame of reference. The objects are constructed of past experiences of causal sense-motoric memory which forms the framework of experience.  'Feeling' (or to-shi) however, does not imply the thought of it but eternal potential instantaneous virtual 'energy' the self-energy created from the spaceless space. The dimensionless fabric of everything is everything (because in darkness light already exists and can only be measured at the moment), is seen in '5D which is 0D' or 'hyperspace which is a subspace (link to page)' as infinite non-local points (non-local because you cannot distance from yourself why it is eventually zero-point) by giving up a finite point which contrasts itself in duality which activity of it is consciousness perceiving energy (the last consciousness in the row image 1). This is dimensionless because consciousness is the common denominator in all supposed dimensions (which is a function of dimensional space as seen in a hypercube which explains time as a spacelike dimension (the effect of mind-expanding drugs on the experience of time), it is through the resonance of the same fabric that light can be connected everywhere because there needs to be transduction of the quantum information (the knowing) before supposed flow states can exist. This phenomenon is proven in cymatics. That is why it is important to follow your highest excitement because your resonance information determines your eventuality. The propagation applies through the "eigenvalue" of the zero-point fabric which is determined by the Casimir potential which is a self-interacting field that couples the dipole moment (link to page), this forms the visible universe. The eigenvalues are only zero in its process which is thought. Energy is a function of spaceless space, and because spaceless space is a form of zero-infinity it can contain a variable distribution which in proper dynamical perspective creates singularities (which we call unified primary Van Der Waals forces) by its (neural) action momentum = reaction momentum potential of the eigenvalue (consciousness is not defined in a matrix because it supersedes in all dimensions  (the trace matrix is consciousness is undefined, 0 or detached. I use the term matrix because when working with Hamiltonian operators or different spaces you can put anything in a matrix, you can include yourself as a Tensor and you can use operators in the matrix. And since duality is a thing there must be a counterline, this is defined as a trace matrix
If you change the neural action potential especially the Default Mode Network (by letting go) you change reality (transcendence) hence manifestation by its attractor. If you hold on to the DMN while being tested for reference frame you experience anxiety. (Ask the Holy Spirit about letting go of the I am. The I am presence because the I am presence is the root of the I (who is involved). Place your attention on this process you become eternal. There is always some resistance and with a ground connection energy can flow, You can also become the energy flow itself without a ground connection, this is called trance and applies to the zero-point mechanism (see Figure 4) you become wherein energy transfer takes place

The dimensionless point (link to page) (spherical perspective (link to page) with the horizon of the Vesica Piscis (link to page)) is simultaneously the boundary (hypersphere which is open and closed at the same time, which creates an energy vortex) which is a self-imposed modulation (alternation of itself (which create the electron spin vacuum polarization) which is within the principle of resonance (link to page)) of the origin of the hypersphere itself this makes surfaces possible at the same time contains every observation in it. Because a point is self-deductable it can contain holonomic scales and fractal recursivity (link to page) spheric harmonic energetics (link to page) example 2 (link to page) which signature (phi ratio) proves universal displacement theory. The nucleation, light blueprint or light map of it is created by a self-deductable equilibrium of a vortex merkaba, which can be activated (link to page). graphically called a metatron's cube who created it?

What is real is unmanifested so nothing real can be altered that is why there are universal laws or constants. There appears to be distance, however, this is yet another image of the 'I'
The world (self-image) appears in you. You don't really look, you think you look. You can't really change things because you are already changed that cannot change things.
The secret of salvation (link to page) is but this: you are doing this unto yourself
If you were another person it would still be a perspective of the you. We cannot determine the static in the variation because we vary ourselves, that is why it is important to understand our mind. Drugs only alter the 'I' consciousness, you can however detach yourself by asking the Holy Spirit what to look at first and then to look with the Holy Spirit at the core of the problem. The problem was derived from the ego thought system (link to page) 
What you essentially are is prior to consciousness (link to page) the first consciousness in the row image 1 or the absolute (link to page) in which y

How do you "keep it real"?

Be honest. Have Integrity. Do what you say you will do. Respect others. Demand respect. Be yourself

Thoughts vs Energy

Thoughts and Energy are not of the same thing. When I mean energy I do not mean sensations but the presence energy. To be free of linear 2 dimensional thought is to start feeling the energy of things (the vertical axis) you are eternal in energy not in linear thought. By meditating with the Holy Spirit or God on 'thought' in general and by placing the self of your thoughts out of your self you automatically are going up vertically. This is done medicinally with GABA medications

Fear solution

Look at fear with the Holy Spirit

Bring the fear as close as possible to yourself, to the core of you so you cannot longer label it as good or bad

Discovering what fear is made of (link*)

Solving Self Captivation under 1 minute

Connect the found light of the truth in ACIM Lesson 61 to your inner child to be quickly freed of Self Captivity

To find the inner child, what was the first time you were self-aware?

DSM Healer Video

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Proof of existence


Imagine if you would only have 1 brain cell, you would be that. Now imagine 2 cells with the original cell lost, who would exist? You were that original cell. Can you say that you exist?

Proof of God

Place yourself out of God, you would go unconscious therefore God exists 

Death and the fear of nothing

If you die and still exist after death who would be dead, if you don't exist after death who would be dead

Reality bubbles

Try to zoom out as much as possible, this still happens in the consciousness of the I

Neti Neti

Ask the Holy Spirit about your emotions and thoughts

Repeat the sentence: "I think, I am not my thoughts" if you wander, notice it and just repeat this sentence


The more we try to be happy the more we feel discomfort. Discomfort is normal. We put the effort into discomfort by obeying or struggling. Struggling knows fight and flight strategies.
Fight strategies are: suppression, arguing, taking charge and self-judgement
Flight strategies are: opting out, distraction and substance use

Every moment we have a choice to make an away move or a toward move in life
Overcome experiential avoidance which is a vicious circle

If you experience negative emotions or thoughts use the following formula:
A- Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings
C- Connect with your body
E - Engage in what you're doing

you can also ask the Holy Spirit about happiness 


If you can't accept something, accept that you do not accept
Ultimately acceptance is not a practice (link to page) it is not something you do because you do not have to change yourself or your opinion about yourself to accept it. This makes acceptance no more relevant it is already free. Use cognitive defusion (you don't have to do what you think)

Self-acceptance (link*)


Everyone who thinks can hear voices which should be considered a form of mental illness. But you can choose to remotely view your place on earth in a case similar to the thought connection which brings you space and time. That way you are not thinking the real mistake over and over again and gain lossless information, from where are you remote viewing? Dive into yourself, with what do I look? Distance yourself from your etheric body. This however erases your mental development. Before you want to make a choice to leave consult your inner guide

Sexual Energy?

The more people differentiate the bigger shall be the release. It's what triggers certain life phases. It is not needed to lead in temptation if you allow the spirit to solve it for you. You also can be the son and give your desire for not being at peace to the spirit. The release of sexual energy is also possible with certain techniques. If you do not have left the son you won't need it as much. It's only when you separate and remerge.
If you however continue to separate yourself down your path like I did, you guessed it you need more to fulfil your desire. The only way to stop this desire for more is to recognize that love is not found in the outside world but only inside. Flying into the physical centre of the heart and searching for a companion to resolve your love

Today we have a lot of topics about misplaced comments and weird energy. If you can't contact people you automatically distance yourself from it which also gives rise to the possibility of regressing it into a legal case because you created a part different from you and you want to solve it but can't through the ego which gives you a feeling of being unsafe. People tell you, you might die in traffic and you never know when life ends. There are also strangers that could harm you, and drugs abusers in parks. They also feel it is the separation to overcome it not legally
To remedy this, think again, a person cannot sin, sin implies there is room to learn, and so one should forgive and not feel guilty about learning. Sin is strongly embarked because it is a contradiction for example a murder, is a contradiction to life and therefore interesting. You can take as many lives away but can you forgive yourself? We do not forgive we do not forget is a personal choice, and we can choose to go beyond our integrity. 
From now on light be on all mischiefs and embrace the full Satan/Hell contradiction and its demonic dwellings as a way to learn to be free and create for ourselves a higher social capacity enabling sigma societies where the weakest/most terrorized/most addicted/most psychopathic person can be an example for improvement. So by all means explore the dark web to its fullest and create a better world. Convicting your fellow convicts yourself, restrain a person and restrain yourself we share the same space.

One question to leave you with:

What can human deviation tell us about social reality?

The choice to fall: Would you rather be free in Hell than a slave in Heaven? We have free will what would the point be of dictatorship, the choice to rise? I have contacted most organisations with a maxim of improvement. If you don't feel like they listen to you, start your own platform/community and with: the Devil is in the details, change the world

 De vernieuwing van uw denken

Complete Guide of Awakening to Your Natural Full Consciousness 

Healing Light of the Tao

Amazon (link)

The Happyness Trap

Amazon (link)

Unwind your mind back to God

Unwind Your Mind Back to God: Experiencing A Course In Miracles, David Hoffmeister ACIM A Course In Miracles #SoundCloud

The Disappearance of the Universe

Builds from A Course In Miracles foundation

The Bhagavad Gita


Can you see before identification without identification?


How do you know the 0 is there?
Do the senses match 0?

The Thinking Disease

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