Corpus Christi

This means if I am authorised to say, We can keep the body (Earth) and Christ (Son)
No more. No less. Everything you do to the Body you do to yourself. This leads to the celebration that whatever problem in the world is happening right now, you know it's a problem, then separated and then not observed. These 3 bring the world closer to yourself and if we mature we can choose the Miracle!

Thank you everyone for your support, to meet you in the 'future'

Great thanks to all the spirits and masters for providing me with the necessitate manners to overcome.

Conflict Resolution Israel

Philosophers conflict resolution

Everybody doesn't like to have problems. Problems mean conflict. The outside world does not seem to help you anymore and you are frustrated by its rules. When we address a problem we should ask what the problem is. Let me see what the problem is so I can correct it. This applies To Issa's (may blessings be upon him) work ACIM L 79.

When we know what the problem is, in its basics a separation then we just have to look at the problem see (The Art of Observing by Jiddu Krishnamurti) while solving separation with ar-rūḥ as stated in the book: The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary R. Renard.

Then you have the problem, tawheed, and in addition, forgiving your world's wrong perception will lead you to Mekka

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Illuminati Confirmed

This method was made publicly because of personal threads, It had to be made publicly for my own sake...

1 Use ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) To find the eye of providence, you can draw it on a whiteboard. Do not look at it directly, and visualize yourself having a distance from it, or you will gain too much energy
2 Now embody this energy and ground it. Each time you apply this you will become more complete and enlightened. To be enlightened is to be saved because light is all-encompassing and has no limits. Therefore being enlightened is being free


In this eye space, zoom out as much as possible until you are outside the universe, if you stay there and deepen it you will become eternal. As an eternal you still have the option to travel in the universe as an observer

Damage and Death

Damage is only a loss of contact, X tries to solve this. Life is only a channel not worth prevailing or sacrificing

Death is simply thought interfering with contact


We do not anymore need weaponized opinions, it starts from there the rest is history. 
Trying to find common ground is very difficult. Personalities sometimes cannot change even by death. So think again, what are my opinions? It's okay to have opinions but not to force it. If everybody had an inherent debt, from the country they were born into they would not be free and have to use legalities to move within this country. This is a difficult problem of today's society. Perhaps world wide internet would create a portal for equality