Vedic physics 

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Pascals multiplication triangle

The universe exists out of itself because of eigenvalues which do not change in time only in thought which create the illusion of time. When you make the eigenvalues zero by changing your reference frame you are out of the matrix vessel (spirit) The Berry connection proves time is not relevant in an adiabatic process or cycli with conservation of energy. If the process is known its value will cascade. To put in place a structure there needs to be time so we still exist in the planck era even as we can observe the great many galaxies. Its stabillity arises from missing singularities which we call black holes. The overall noise in the system is earth, earth is the life energy of that system or the matrix they are conjoined in the unified field which makes us no more different as our neigbours but.. they knew the fallacy of death in the past sometimes experienced regimes to obstruct it for personal development to have control over the matrix however space exist within space (making it spaceless) so nothing is lost it was always the way

Submersion theory

If you increase chaos in a system you increase the potential to submerge

Textures ?

"Vacuum" is just an abstraction. If you think of an atom as being vacuum except for the electrons, protons and neutrons which are little balls that are not vacuum, that is incorrect. The structural pattern repeats itself within these particles: there is more such vacuum inside of them.
If two electrons separated by a distance repel each other, how can we regard the space between them as empty: isn't it filled with something, namely the electric field?
The macroscopic phenomenon of rigidity is just the interaction of force fields according to equations.
Objects on your computer screen can appear rigid. For instance, if you can't drag an object outside of an application's window, the edge of the window appears to be an impenetrable barrier. That is just the result of rules being applied; the space being visualized is entirely imaginary